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AimPoint Technologies is a company focused on the science of predictive putt technology, green reading instruction, and player performance analysis, with the goal of improving golf performance and educating golfers in a quick and efficient manner.

What we do

AimPoint is the world's #1 green-reading system and used by the best players in the world. We are continually improving and simplifying our methods and adding top coaches to our list of certified instructors. Visit us to learn how to read greens like the pro's.
The AimPoint Green Reading Fundamentals video will teach you the basics of AimPoint Green-Reading
AimPoint's patented and Emmy-Award winning technology was used on the Golf Channel for six years, showing thousands of live virtual putting lines. Our putt prediction engine is unparalleled in its accuracy and speed.
The AimPoint mobile app is a compliment to your green-reading education, helping you to learn more quickly with ease of use on your iPhone or iPad.

AimPoint Fundamentals

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