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My career in golf began fifteen years ago, and it has been quite an exciting and rewarding journey. I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work at several amazing facilities (Diamond Creek, Floridian, Frederica, and Pebble Beach). I served as Head Professional and Lead Golf Instructor for Scott Hamilton Golf Academy at Cartersville Country Club for 6 years. In January 2019, I transitioned into the Director of Instruction role. I am very appreciative of the role as it has allowed me to dedicate all my time to my students and learning. It’s truly amazing to watch & learn how the best players in the world improve using Swing Catalyst, Trackman, & Gears Golf with Scott Hamilton. And I always look forward to sharing this information with my students. The best advice I’ve received is to always to be willing to “reinvest in yourself” to become a better teacher. I wake up each day excited to be the best teacher I can be in every way to help my students. As of June 2023, I have accepted the role of Director of Instruction at Marietta Country Club! I’m excited to offer Aimpoint to our membership and invited guests!