AimPoint Certified Instructor Program

The AimPoint Level 1 License is a program for committed golf professionals to correctly learn the AimPoint Green Reading Method and other products and be licensed to teach it to their students.

Once licensed, instructors have the opportunity to leverage a well-recognized golf brand, allowing the instructor to better promote themselves and their services. Being part of the AimPoint Certified Instructor network will give licensed instructors first access to leading edge information and education on AimPoint methods.

The purpose of the AimPoint Certified Instructor Program is…

To ensure that instructors have the highest level of AimPoint teaching proficiency and consistency and to provide them priority access to continuing education. • To ensure that instructors have the highest level of AimPoint teaching proficiency and consistency and to provide them priority access to continuing education. • To provide instructors with additional revenue streams and the ability to leverage the AimPoint® branding.

It is important to note that an application to become an AimPoint Instructor does not guarantee acceptance into the program.

If you have any questions regarding certification please email them to

Training Process

AimPoint Certification is a training process which ensures that instructors are fully qualified to teach AimPoint concepts and methods. It consists of the application process and a one full day training period which can be conducted in Orlando with Mark Sweeney, in England with Jamie Donaldson, or in select locations in Asia including Shanghai and Kuala Lumpur.

1. Application

The application will be reviewed and initial approval to begin the training process will be granted or denied within 30 business days. Applicants who hold competing green-reading certifications will not be accepted. Upon acceptance, the license agreement must be signed prior to scheduling your training.

2. Training

The training process consists of about 6 hours of attending a training school which will be scheduled once per month in Orlando, Florida. During Express training the applicant will learn the following concepts and methods:

  • Teaching Methodology
  • AimPoint Express Concepts and Techniques
  • Stimp Adjustments
  • Double Breaks
  • Adjustment for downhill putts and big slopes
  • Putt Geometry

After training, the candidate will become an AimPoint Level 1 Certified Instructor who is qualified to teach AimPoint Green Reading and may use the AimPoint Certified logo.

Maintaining License

In order to maintain your license, each year you will be expected to teach and register a minimum of 25 students and attend continuing education.

Failure to do so may result in your license becoming inactive or revoked. The AimPoint methods and associated materials are trademarked and patented assets owned by AimPoint Technologies with specific limitations on their use. Nothing in the license agreement grants ownership of any kind to the licensed instructor.


The AimPoint Level 1 License permits you to teach AimPoint at your home facility only.

Approval must be granted in advance by AimPoint Technologies before soliciting or teaching AimPoint schools outside of your home club. This is not an exclusive license.

Benefits of AimPoint Express Instructor License

  • Access to the AimPoint Green Reading teaching materials
  • Use of the AimPoint Certified logo
  • Listing on the website (provided minimum requirements are met)
  • Use of AimPoint marketing materials and testimonials
  • Access to a private AimPoint Instructor Facebook page


Yearly License Fee: $500

Training in Orlando, Florida: $2495 (includes first year license fee) Training in Cambridge England: €2050

Training in Asia: (on request)

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