Christoph Bausek Contact

Level: 3

+43 676 88076767

After a sucessful amateur career, Christoph Bausek turned Professional in 1997. Until 2004 he was a Playing Professional who played on the European Challenge Tour, Alps Tour and Pro Tour. After he stopped his active career, he focused in teaching with modern technologie and has an excellent reputation with his golf academy “Progressive Golf” ( in Austria. He uses TrackMan, AMM 6d walkabout (3D motion capture) and SAM PuttLab to help golfers of every age and skill level. Christoph is Austria’s only Certified AimPoint Instructor (Level 3) and is teaching AimPoint since 2012. He is also one of very few “TrackMan Masters” worldwide. His further certifications are “TPI Golf Professional Level 2” and “TPI Junior Level 2”.
Christoph still plays national professional tournaments where he manages to get top results from time to time.