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Level: 3


Dr. Farnsworth is one of the early AimPoint instructors trained by Mark Sweeney (2009.)
He has authored two books on putting, SEE IT & SINK IT and The Putting Prescription, focusing on his specialty of sports vision optometry and performance.
Dr. Farnsworth was selected by Golf Magazine as one of the “Brightest Minds in Putting.”
He has worked with over 250 PGA, LPGA and mini-tour players and presented to over 60 country clubs in the U.S. and overseas. He has lectured to the Great Britain & Ireland PGA sections, the Brussels, Belgium PGA section and 20 PGA sections in the U.S.
Dr Farnsworth also consults with government agencies on visual/mental performance enhancement.
He has been selected as the American Optometric Sports Vision Optometrist of the Year and was elected into his high school’s Athletic Hall of Fame.