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Level: 3



Born in Charleston, West Virginia, David graduated from Glenville State College and The Golf Academy of the South, earning degrees in English literature and Professional Golf Management. A born educator, David was set to become a school teacher, but his passion for teaching golf led him down another path. Straight from the mind of a true educator, David considers himself “a teacher who teaches golf; not a golfer who happens to teach.”

David has been teaching at Marriott’s Grande Vista Resort since 1997, David is a mentor to many PGA Professionals and aspiring golf instructors who are seeking more knowledge about how to breakdown the golf swing. His fascination with studying and understanding how the brain functions has become a teaching asset that benefits both his students and his colleagues. His educational background was integral in helping to shape the Marriott Golf Academy instructional curriculum, ensuring each respective program, whether group or private, is tailored to each student’s skill level.

David has worked with men and women of all levels from beginners to PGA TOUR players including Sir Nick Faldo. And, through his series of instructional videos, filmed and distributed on high profile platforms such as Golfweek.com and FoxSports.com, tens of thousands of golfers around the world have been inspired by his instructional tips, considerable knowledge of the game and teaching skills.

David has also embraced today’s social media revolution and has played a major role in expanding Marriott Golf Academy’s global presence. In this capacity, he coordinates content distribution through a variety of social media channels including Facebook and Twitter. Additionally, he has been instrumental in the growth of the Marriott Golf Academy Alumni Clubhouse, an online resource center designed to support each student’s game improvement plan at their desired pace.

An AimPoint certified instructor, David thrives on teaching students how to read greens and accurately predict break. Having spent considerable time studying how the brain functions, he incorporates the important mental approach into his teaching. He models his teaching style after some of the game’s greatest players such as Hogan, Snead, and Nelson, and his goal is to always help his students build their own swing and their confidence.