Dennis Sales Contact

Level: 2


Dennis Sales has been a certified AimPoint instructor since 2011. He was voted the Top Teacher in New England by New England Golf Monthly in 2011 and 2012. He has quickly established himself in Dallas Fort Worth as one of the premier golf coaches.

Dennis currently works with some of the best juniors in the state. Dennis teaches and coaches at one of the USA Premier Golf Training Centers. The facility utilizes the most advanced technology available for diagnostics and training. GEARS, TrackMan, SAM PuttLab, K-Vest, AMM 3D, SAM BalanceLab and MEGSA Perfect Practice Equipment is available.

He easily communicates the technical data gathered in simple instructions for his players to use. Juniors under his tutelage have more than 100 events and finished top 5 over 200 times locally and nationally. That includes TJGT, AJGA and Div 1 collegiate level. Dennis currently works with 3 girls inside the top 50 in AJGA (as of May 2106). He also worked with a girl who represented the USA in the Junior Solheim Cup Team.