Kenneth Bendix Hansen Contact

Level: 1


I fell in love with golf 25 years ago. I was a part of the national team as a junior. I was never good enough to try and play for a living so i decided to start teaching instead. I have spend the last 15 years trying to learn as much about teaching the game as possible. I have travelled the world to learn from the best og the best and i have hosted more than 30 certifications as well with coaches from all over the world. I am doing this in order to give my students the help that they need. I am lucky enough to have some of the best mentors in the game that help me improve on a daily basis. Your current skill level doesnt matter to me. If you wanna improve come see me.

I have been lucky to have some awesome students over the last few years including Nicolai and Rasmus Højgaard. I have learned a ton from them! Recently i have been lucky enough for the national team to use me as a consultant where i have taught players like Emily Pedersen, Nanna Koertz Madsen etc just to name a few.