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Mark Hackett received his first golf lesson from Davis Love, Jr. at the Sea Island Golf Club in Georgia. At the time Hackett was 15 years old, and these first golf lessons instilled in him a love of the game and a love of instruction of the game. This passion was enhanced when Love introduced him to golf teacher extraordinaire Bob Toski, who taught him the “cause and effect” method of teaching golf.

Hackett earned his degree from the University of Central Florida and has been certified by Titleist Club Fitting System. Since becoming a PGA Professional, he has not only taught at some of the most prestigious golfing facilities, such as the Golf Digest Schools, but he has worked at some of the best as well.

In 2009, he was honored by Golf Magazine as one of the Top 100 golf teachers in the country out of 28,000 members of the PGA of America.