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Hello, my name is Matt and I’m here to help improve your game as much possible by helping you….

Move better
Feel better
Play better

The way you swing the golf club depends on how your body moves and how it is built. Knowing these variables, in each individual is so important. This will explain the reason why there are so many different looking golf swings, not only in the amateur world, but also the pro world.

Using my knowledge from my PGA degree, Personal Training course, TPI, Boditrak, Smart2move, Swingcatalyst level 2 certifications and research from Mike Adams Bioswing dynamics screen. I have taken bits from all these and offer a service that I feel is heads and shoulders above the majority of golf coaches.

Move better – Mobility is key when it comes to the swing and generating power. Using the TPI screens I can see what mobility issues you have as well as weakness.

Feel better – After completing the Power and Strength screens by TPI we can then get to work improving the areas needed. Feeling better will also help you mentally.

Play better – with the use of the TPI and Bioswing screening combined together with the 3D motion plate from Swingcatalyst and Trackman data, this will help me teach you in the correct way, helping make you a better golfer and knocking shots off your score.

Please get in touch if you’d like to find out more about me and my service.