Richard Woodhouse Contact

Level: 2

+61 415 853 337

2013 Queensland Teaching Professional of the Year. Golf Queensland Women’s Team State coach. TPI Level3 Certified instructor. TrackMan Master Certified. AimPoint Certified instructor. Cert 3&4 Fitness and Nutrition.

KDV AoG TPI Junior Program High Performance coaching pathway program Trainee and coach development

Club Fitting,Group Clinics,Individual Services,Junior Clinics,Swing Analysis,

Other services:
Golf Fitness and Nutrition programs 3D Assessment Trackman analysis and fitting FocusBand Mental training

Coaching philosophy:
To become the best golfer you can possibly be you must strive to improve all areas of your game. To achieve this I look at your game from a complete holistic approach taking into consideration your technical ability, mental ability and physical ability. These three key components make up you as a golfer and will allow you to perform at your peak performance. I am very proud to be associated with the golfing industries leaders in technology; Trackman Technologies, KVest TPI3D, SAM Putt and Balance lab are simply exceptional tools for us to give you exact, uncompromised clarity and direction of your game. Myself and my coaching staff will deliver the necessary information in a simplistic, logical manner ensuring your development is heading down the correct path with a structured plan geared to achieving your personal goals

Professional interests:

Titliest Performance Institute. TrackMan. KVest TPI3D.