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Stan Moore, PGA Certified Professional Coach teaches out of the beautiful Osprey Point Golf Course in Boca Raton, Florida. There he serves as a Putting & Short Game Coach with the Don Law Golf Academy.

So let me ask you a question? If you and I where on a green and I threw a ball out on the green, anywhere. Could you assess the putt you have and say to me; “Coach Stan, I have a 22 foot putt, a 3% grade downhill, a slope break of 2%, and a strong wind behind me. Therefore, my adjusted putt distance is now 15 feet. I am going to apply a backswing stroke length of 13 inches and apply my 58 beats a minute internal timing to roll the ball into the hole. If you then roll the ball into the hole or past the hole one foot on the high side, I would say that you have the ability and understanding to read the green and make a putt.

Now you may say to yourself; “wow that sounds difficult,” but actually it is quiet simple. This is what I teach you! How to maneuver around the green, and implement objective measures, such as AimPoint that will bring about high performance.

Since the beginning of golf, putting has been taught and performed at a place of not understanding! The golfer has been put into a position of guessing what they should do. Subjective measures that leave the golfer to figure it out for themselves.

The above scenario is a place where you understand what, where and how to go about putting. When you learn how to do this you will become the Master of the Green. This will breed confidence into your putting and a player with confidence, believes they can make every putt. You will also be shown how to practice these techniques to achieve maxmimum success.

Every golfer should perform from a place of objectivity and understanding. The players that I coach have achieved it, reduced their putting average and have gone on to win their matches and win tournaments. I believe what and how I teach putting, will teach you to make more putts!

I believe I have the best putting and short game system you will find! Make time for a lesson and let me guide you to that same belief.

Let’s get started by contacting me at or 561-699-2616

I look forward to seeing you as a student in one of my private or class lessons.

Stan Moore, PGA Certified
“Great Putters are Trained, Not Born”
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