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Proven results: used by multiple Major Champions and World #1’s

For over 20 years, AimPoint has enabled multiple tour players across the world to win major titles. With over 99% accuracy and over 100,000 lines of algorithms, professional and amateur golf enthusiasts use our industry leading software to continually improve their putting and revolutionize their play.

AimPoint has proven results with World #1’s on the PGA Tour and LPGA, Masters Champions, Fed Ex Cup Champions, Major Champions, Olympic Golf Medalists, and Ryder Cup and Solheim Cup Winners.

Who else is using AimPoint?

50% of PGA
Tour Winners

Top players in the world such as Viktor Hovland, Dustin Johnson, Keegan Bradley, Sam Burns, Max Homa, Rickie Fowler, Justin Rose and Adam Scott have used AimPoint to win tournaments

7 World

Taught by AimPoint’s founder and developer, Mark Sweeney, these world #1’s received expertise from one of the Best Teachers in America as ranked by Golf Digest

Half of the
World Top 20

Half of the top 20 men and women players in the world currently use AimPoint

Constantly innovating, evolving and regenerating players worldwide

Our TV Virtual Putting Line is groundbreaking technology and the first of its kind in the industry. This Emmy Award winning technology allows for the graphical insertion of optimal putt overlays into golf broadcasts, adding drama and unparalleled opportunity for the viewer.

AimPoint features a whole host of industry-first features such as Wind Adjustments, Drop Point Read and Entry Speeds, but our most popular by far is our Green Heat Map. Indicating slope severity and in which direction putts break, this specialized technology gives golfers more confidence to make strategic decisions with their putting. Our Green Heat Map allows players to truly understand the green and its slopes, meaning they can enhance their aggressiveness of play and ultimately lower their scores.

AimPoint Golf first innovated green heat maps to visually show slope in 2005 and has provided them to players, golf courses, architects, and major golf tournaments ever since.

AimPoint Golf was the first to create and patent angular AimCharts in 2003 which were then used all over the world by tour players and amateur golfers to better understand break.  AimCharts where also used to validate the AimPoint Express green-reading method which has become the most used and accurate system in the world.

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Learn AimPoint

Learn from an Instructor

The only way to learn AimPoint correctly and accurately is from an AimPoint Certified Instructor. Our training and continuing education program is required for all Certified Instructors and ensures that you will learn the most current concepts and methods. To check on an instructor’s status, visit our Find An Instructor page.

Become an Instructor

Are you a dedicated golf professional who’s looking to share their expertise with others? Then become a certified AimPoint Instructor today. When you become a licensed instructor, you’ll have the opportunity to not only correctly teach the AimPoint Green Reading Method, but also better promote yourself and your services.

You’ll get priority access to industry leading information and education on our methods and demonstrate your proficiency in AimPoint Green Reading Methods. You’ll also have the opportunity to add additional revenue streams too. Find out more about how you can become an instructor today.

Track your progress

Track your improvement with our revolutionary GameForge stats and performance tracking system. Move beyond putts gained metrics which compare you to PGA Tour players and learn how to achieve your next level of golf in an intuitive way.

300 Instructors

AimPoint was originally designed for junior and amateurs golfers all over the world to quickly become expert green-readers.

Over 300,000 Amateurs

AimPoint was originally designed for junior and amateurs golfers all over the world to quickly become expert green-readers.

400 Tour Players

The best players in the world rely on AimPoint tio give them a competitive advantage in their green-reading accuracy.

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We stock a range of products from training videos, to accessories that will help you truly master the AimPoint Green Reading Method.

Shop our full range today and be sure to contact us if you need expert advice on any of our products.

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DVD-AimPoint Express Fundamentals

Covering the basics of the Express Read, this training video will teach you the fundamentals of break, how to feel the slope and how to apply the AimPoint Express Read to your putting.

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